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  1. Advanced Diploma of Translating

    The Advanced Diploma of Translating prepares translators to translate texts where there may be significant equivalence problems between source and target text, the subject of the text has its own specific terminology, or there is need to undertake extensive research and translate complex language and concepts.

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  2. Advanced Diploma of Interpreting

    Advanced Diploma of Interpreting prepares interpreters for work in all community, business and diplomatic domains, interpreting content that may not easily be predicted or planned for or that may require a high level of subject knowledge, or intense assignment specific preparation.

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  3. Certificate of Registration (Real Estate)

    The Certificate of Registration Course is the minimal educational requirements you need to work in the real estate industry as a real estate salesperson in Australia. The qualification enables you to work for a real estate agency under the supervision of a real estate licensee or real estate principal.

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  4. Diploma of Financial Planning

    This qualification is for financial planners who provide a range of standard financial planning services and individuals providing specialist para-planning services. Individuals in these roles require well-developed skills and a broad knowledge base of the financial planning sector and the ASIC regulatory framework. Individuals in these roles have autonomy in performing technical operations, apply solutions to a range of often complex problems, and analyse and evaluate information from a variety of sources.

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  5. Certificate IV in TESOL

    The Victorian Full Real Estate Licence Course / Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate) enables you to own or manage a real estate agency in Victoria. As a full licensed agent or principal licensee, you are able to sell and manager property without the need to work through an established agency.

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  6. Professional Development

    In a rapidly changing world knowledge is your competitive advantage. We now offers a range of flexible learning solutions to help you stay ahead. Designed to help you focus on the future, gain perspective, keep pace with global trends, foresee challenges, build prosperity and generate positive change.

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